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Car Warranty - Extended Car Warrant

  • All Vehicle makes and models included.
  • We provide you with a choice of higher levels of vehicle warranty cover with more parts included. All mechanical, electrical, and all electronic parts available. We even include parts which often go wrong, such as clutch cover, drive plate, release bearing, brake discs, and brake drums.
  • For complete peace of mind, we pay for parts such as shock absorbers, suspension springs, brake discs, and drums to be replaced in pairs, even if only one part has failed.
  • Consequential damage is always covered, and repairs can be logged from day one.
  • Your plan repair limit is set to the value of your vehicle at the time of starting your car warranty, even if your vehicle’s value depreciates.
  • No charge for betterment. Should you require a new engine or gearbox, YOU GET a new engine or gearbox and you won’t be asked to contribute towards the cost of repair.
  • No forced plan excess. We allow you a voluntary excess and then will reduce your price significantly.
  • You can undertake repairs at any VAT registered garage of your choice – including your local garage or main dealers.
  • Our extended car warranty offers unlimited cover while driving in Europe.
  • We offer an Emergency Repairs procedure (Read our Repairs Procedure). If you are out of contact, or when our office is closed.
  • We are one of the UK’s best car warranty providers, with a wide range of optional plan additions such as ABS, air conditioning, emissions, choice of garage labour rates, MOT failure, and multimedia.
  • Repairs paid weekly, every Wednesday.
  • We have a comprehensive repairs review and complaints procedure and offer resolution within 3 days.
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